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Innovating quality harvesting technology and tools


KINGOYA ENTERPRISE SDN. BHD. (KESB or Kingoya), today is the fastest growing oil palm harvesting equipment manufacturer in Malaysia. Founded by Yeo Keng Loong and Gopi Nath Nair in 2000 with the objective of assisting plantation companies increase harvesting efficiency and productivity; by leveraging and investing in cutting edge technology and continuous R & D. Its core products are its patented harvesting poles and sickle system.

Starting as a trading company that focused on the import and exports of agricultural equipment for oil palm plantations in Papua New Guinea, Kingoya soon evolved into manufacturing dedicated harvesting equipment and tools under its own brand, providing innovative solutions for specific needs of oil palm harvesters globally.

A robust industry outlook  coupled with strong growth; has seen KESB penetrating more markets and increase its product offering  to meet growing demands. Kingoya products are now extensively used in the top palm oil producing nations around the world; covering markets across Australasia and South-east Asia, Africa and South America; and the home base of Malaysia.

Today, Kingoya is established as an innovator of quality harvesting equipment and tools for the industry. It’s innovative products bring a whole new perspective to harvesting oil palms. Kingoya’s durable, cost effective and user-friendly products enable swift transition from the basic and traditional methods, found in many oil palm producing nations, to modern cultivation that integrates advanced technology, progressive growing methods and sound economics.

Kingoya is poised to release a breakthrough technology in 2016 and is currently catering towards a restructuring for a major corporate and business transformation.

Our Vision

To enable plantation companies to maximise productivity and increase efficiency; and secure return on investments through the proper and safe use of KESB’s innovative harvesting equipment and tools, and related products.

Our Mission

We seek to leverage our strengths in manufacturing, product development, research and marketing to bring our customers products/ tools that are created to suit plantation needs and conditions. Kingoya will manufacture quality products that incorporate cost reduction, local technology and worker skills. Our distribution network will enable us to become a one stop shop which distributes a full range of agricultural equipment in Malaysia and in the regional markets.

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Our Leadership Team



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Our Clients

In operation for over 15 years, Kingoya is an established brand today. Kingoya products are in the top 15 palm oil producing nations; serving more than 50 plantation companies globally. These include the world’s largest oil palm producer Indonesia; and Thailand, Sri Lanka, Papua New Guinea, India, Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Nigeria amongst others; and our home base of Malaysia.