Reducing Labour Dependency and Increasing Productivity 

KUALA LUMPUR, 12th April 2018:- Malaysia’s oil palm industry received a shot in the arm today with the launch of a revolutionary harvesting tool which is poised to address lingering labour issues by transforming harvesting operations in plantations via mechanisation and cutting edge tech.

The oil palm harvesting electrical cutter system, otherwise known as `ECUT,’ is the brainchild of home grown oil palm harvesting equipment manufacturer, Kingoya Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. (KINGOYA).

KINGOYA is a wholly-owned Malaysian company with a track record of close to two decades. The company has pioneered the creation of innovative and user-friendly harvesting tools that are in demand both in Malaysia and oil palm producing nations globally.

Ahead of its launch, the ECUT was tested in several oil palm estates and the process had involved the participation of harvesters, estate managers and plantation executives, after which their feedback was used to improve the product.

Among others, the battery-powered “superfast” harvesting method improves the productivity of a harvester by two to three, which in turn, can play a pivotal role in Malaysia’s economic transformation, where its gross national income (GNI) by way of productive value sector is projected to see an increase of RM4 billion in 2030.

In his welcoming address, KINGOYA Chairman Dato’ Nazifuddin bin Dato’ Seri Mohd Najib said with the launch of ECUT, plantation companies can increase productivity while reducing their dependency on labour.

“In addition to an increase in profitability and yield, KINGOYA ECUT will also reduce harvester headcount, and ideally take the pressure off Malaysia plantations which are heavily reliant on foreign labour,” he said at the launch held at TPC in Bukit Kiara.

“We are all aware the industry is suffering because there is a shortage of labour. And with harvesting serving as the single biggest activity in a plantation, KINGOYA wants to help plantation companies achieve their sustainability promise.

Present at the event were senior industry regulators and commentators, representatives from plantation companies and business associates. Also present were KINGOYA founders Mr. Gopi Nath Nair and Mr. Yama Yeo Keng Loong, as well as industry expert, Mr. M R Chandran.

The Economics of ECUT

A remarkable statistic to take note is that there will be a 40 per cent drop in the number of in-field collection workers, which translates into lower operating costs, against higher yields.

First of its Kind Safety Features 

The ECUT is our latest solution in producing a cutter which is not only safe when used by a plantation worker, but also yields a higher productivity by a harvester,” he added.

Among the firsts chalked by ECUT when it comes to safety features, is the product’s starter switch activates the electric motor and when the button is released the cutter comes to a stop. A heat sink serves as a feature to cool the motor of the product, while the harvesting tool boasts detachable parts which makes it safe for the transit of the tool around the plantation.

ECUT’s Green and ECO Friendly Features

“Thanks to Malaysia’s pole position as one of two top producing palm oil producing countries in the world, companies like KINGOYA continue to be on the lookout in developing solutions for oil palm companies,” he said.

Other green and eco-friendly features of ECUT are its zero-carbon footprint thanks to its zero emissions, along with a significantly lower sound level.


Describing the ECUT as KINGOYA’s “best innovation to date”, Dato Nazifuddin added: “Based on our initial productivity estimates on the electric cutter which retails at RM9,900, you will be looking at a return on investment (ROI) within six to nine months on your ECUT.”

Guests at the event were offered a pre-order special at RM7,800 and RM7,200 for varying lengths. The pre-order offer ends on the 30th June and from the 1st July, ECUT will retail at prices ranging between RM9,000 and RM9,900.

Plantations can also expect to see higher profits with the ECUT, thanks to attractive leasing options being offered to customers by making the product affordable.

In 2016, Kingoya entered into a distributor agreement with FELDA Trading Sdn Bhd. The strategic partnership was effected via an exclusive distribution agreement, which has seen all KINGOYA products in Malaysia made available at all FELDA Trading D’Agro outlets.

Thanks to this trading tie-up, the ECUT will now be available through all Felda Trading D’Agro Outlets and enable all FELDA settlers to gain easy access to next-generation, innovative, industry-safe and sustainable and quality harvesting tools.

Transformation through Automation and Mechanisation 

KINGOYA’s Chief Technology Officer, Mohd. Izmir Yamin in his presentation said that it was impossible to see a sustainable future for the oil palm industry without automation and mechanization.

“It will only be feasible by embracing the power of electricity. It not only helps to run power tools such as an electric motor for faster and better harvesting which is zero emission but is also the gateway to power connectivity and machine learning during operations in the field. These are the building blocks towards Effective Farming of the future, and the ECUT was born,” he said.

With the ECUT, its makers are touting the product as one which can be economically maintained, thanks to its rechargeable battery and a sufficient battery life of up to five hours or one harvesting session.

With less moving parts, the use of the ECUT will also result in lower running costs and minimal vibration and easy on the hands of its user. Additionally, ECUT’s combination of aluminium alloy poles is able to reach heights of up to 16 feet, therefore catering for young and mature palm trees.

Kingoya Leads in Innovation

Following its commercial launch today, the first batch of ECUT is being manufactured for pre-orders from KINGOYA’s overseas customers and FELDA.

By way of revenues, KINGOYA is targeting to hit RM100 million in 5 years from sales of ECUT and also the company’s other suite of products which will be rolled out in stages.

For more press materials, images and information please click on this link: www.kingoya.biz/dawn-of-new-era-in-harvesting-with-kingoyas-green-electric-cutter


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Incorporated in 1998, KINGOYA has established itself as a leading manufacturer of harvesting tools for the oil palm industry. Having based itself on the needs demanded by the plantation companies, KINGOYA creates innovative and user-friendly tools that are very much in demand today. KINGOYA has also pioneered safety features in harvesting tools.

Headquartered in Selangor, the company has two (2) authorised distributors in Indonesia, namely in Kalimantan and Sumatera. Other than Malaysia, KINGOYA harvesting tools are extensively used in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and the South and Central Americas. Smaller markets include Nigeria and parts of Africa; and neighbouring Thailand.





  • RECHARGABLE BATTERY – economical maintenance
  • LESS MOVING PARTS – lower running cost
  • MINIMAL VIBRATION – 5 m/s versus 15 m/s
  • SUFFICIENT CHARGE – battery endurance 5 hours
  • PROPRIETARY POLE – telescopic aircraft light pole
  • GREATER HEIGHTS – 16 feet test, 24 feet prototype


  • MAKES MORE PROFITS – ROI in 6 – 9 months
  • LEASING OPTIONS – pay monthly
  • MORE FFB – 2.5 – 3.0 tonnes per day per harvester
  • DEALERS OPPORTUNITY – higher margins
  • DELIVERY OPTIONS – both locally and internationally
  • TRANSFORMS MALAYSIA – GNI increase of RM4bil in 2030


  • ZERO EMISSION – 100% green and eco friendly
  • LESS NOISE – significantly lower decibels
  • DETACHABLE PARTS – safe for transit
  • STARTER SWITCH – feature to activate electric motor
  • HEAT SINK – feature to cool motor
  • IP PROTECTED – global patents filed
  • GREEN & ECO FRIENDLY – zero carbon footprint


  • FAST HARVESTING – improved productivity 2 – 3 times
  • LARGER COVERAGE – 15 hectares per day per harvester
  • REDUCED WORKERS – 40% less in-field harvesting workers
  • MINIMAL VIBRATION – easy on the hands
  • ELECTRIC TECHNOLOGY – digital plantation analytics




  • 1998
    • Founded by Gopi Nath Nair and Yeo Keng Loong
  • 2000
    • Incorporated as a trading company for the import and exports of agricultural equipment for oil palm plantations in Papua New Guinea
  • 2000s
    • Evolved into manufacturing and distributor of harvesting equipment and tools under its own brand – KINGOYA. Main objective – support plantation companies increase harvesting efficiency and productivity; by leveraging on cutting edge technology and investing in continuous R & D. Success factor – durable, cost effective and user-friendly tools that enable swift transition from the basic and traditional methods of harvesting
    • Core products are the patented Harvesting Poles and Sickle System
  • 2005
    • Factory set-up to manufacture aluminium clamps
  • 2007
    • Purchase and setup of a new HQ and manufacturing facility in Selangor; facilities include manufacturing capacity of plastics and inject moldings
    • First patent registered for the sickle holding system
  • 2009
    • Top 10 finish in the prestigious Enterprise 50 Awards.
  • 2010
    • Patent application for Nylon Hinged Clamp
    • Trade Mark application for KINGOYA filed in Indonesia
    • Patent application for Kingoya Revolutionised Sickle
  • 2011
    • Introduced SURESAFE, Safety Cover for Sickle
  • 2013
    • Patent application for Kingoya Razor
  • 2014
    • Trademark application in Indonesia approved
  • 2015
    • KINGOYA Board of Directors formed to undertake restructuring for a major corporate and business transformation
    • Patent application for ECUT
  • 2016
    • Set-up of KINGOYA Technology Centre
    • Registered Kingoya Technologies Sdn. Bhd.
    • Signed Exclusive Distributorship Agreement with Felda Trading Sdn. Bhd.
    • Introduced three new products: Kingoya Aluminium Alloy ‘PREMIUM’ Pole, Kingoya Pole with Protective Polymer Grip and Kingoya Nylon Clamp and Nylon Hinged Clamps for Poles
    • Appointed 2nd distributor in Indonesia – PT Yoko Andalan Perkasa in Sumatera Utara
  • 2017
    • Set-up of facility to manufacture KINGOYA brand of steel products/ tools
  • 2018
    • Purchase of Kingoya ECUT Manufacturing and Sales Centre
    • Launched Electric Harvesting Cutter – ECUT